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Massage Therapy is generally considered an alternative medicine, now a day’s doctors are prescribing it as part of a standard treatment plan for many patients suffering from chronic pains. Massage therapy is suggested as a treatment for reducing pain, stress & muscle tension.

Receiving a Massage Therapy Treatment regularly has a lot of advantages as a person has so much stress over his/her mind and body on a daily basis.

  1. Relief from stress
    Massage therapy has an effect on the human brain it stimulates the activity in the left side of the brain
    which induces relaxation and happiness. Massage therapy has had proven effects on the mental health
    and reducing stress in the long run.
  2. Relief from tension in muscles
    Joints and muscles over the time face problems as a person ages. Regular massage helps the muscles
    loosen up so that the body functions with ease.
  3. Detoxification
    Massage strokes and pressure on the body helps release chemicals into the blood which is then processed through the kidneys and helps in detoxification. Massage therapy induces blood circulation which helps the body to rejuvenate and make you feel relaxed.
  4. Beautifying results
    Having regular massage therapy boosts the blood flow in the veins which help to turn skin from limp to healthy and plump and drain toxic substances from the cells.
  5. Relief from headaches
    Many people experience problems with headaches due to a hectic lifestyle, stress and/or poor diet. This has made migraines a more common illness. Massage therapy can counter this problem of headache/migraine by helping the body relax and decrease the effects of stress and tension.
  6. Counter the uneasiness due to PMS
    Many women suffer from different Pre-Menstrual Syndrome symptoms. Massage therapy can help ease many of those symptoms, cramps, headaches, muscle pain etc.
  7. Amplify immune system
    An experiment was done in 2010 which showed that there was a rise in the endocrines and white blood cells, which are the primary components of the body’s immune system that fight disease, in adults who had received remedial massage therapy.
  8. Sleep supporter
    Massage therapy is a wonderful way to help the body relax and have a sound sleep, and we all know how restorative and rejuvenating a sound sleep can be.

Massage therapy has proven to be great help in leading a healthy lifestyle.

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